What participants of my Pilates and Aqua Fit classes say:

Seoul, January 2017

I've been taking group exercise classes for years- everything from Bikram Yoga to Cardio-Trampoline to Barre - in San Francisco and New York City. I can honestly say that my Pilates classes with Ines have been the most effective classes I've had for my back health and general fitness. Ines is the kind of teacher who gently nudges a student to the next level. Every class with her is different, never the same 60 minute sequence twice. With Pilates, a small adjustment in a pose can make all the difference - Ines is talented at immediately seeing how to improve a student's experience. My classes with Ines in the past 2 years have included men and women of all different levels. She's not only great at helping every participant work at their own level - her style is kind and warm. Pilates with Ines is one of my favorite things in Seoul!

Yunah K. from USA

September 2016

"I have been a student of Ines' Pilates class for three years, and it is very obvious she is a highly trained, professional instructor of Pilates. She has a superior and advanced understanding of the body and human movement. Her Pilates class offers a healthy and safe variety of Pilates-based exercises for the novice beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. I can personally attest to her strong desire and ability, to teach and assist her students in safely reaching their core fitness goals. She has helped and inspired me tremendously with my core strength, posture, and overall physical fitness. Ines is a very inspiring instructor, a role model for fitness, and a warm and wonderful person.“

Jayne C. from USA

Seoul, July 2016

I attended Pilates classes with Ines twice weekly for two years whilst living in Seoul. I’d never done Pilates before and I found Ines a patient and professional teacher. I loved the variety as no two classes are ever the same and she manages to teach to all levels of ability in each class. My posture improved and Ines worked with me to strengthen my core. At the end of each class I feel relaxed and focused and ready to face each day.

Jane (USA)Seoul,

June 24 2016

Just finished nearly three years of Pilates classes with Ines! I always looked forward to the sessions, struggled through some of the exercises, but felt great afterwards. Being 67 years old, I know that all the stretching and strengthening is so important for my body. I will really miss Ines's classes and wish she had a DVD or two so I could continue following her fantastic lessons! I highly recommend her classes! Thank you so much,

Liza from Canada

June 2016, Seoul,

"I'd never taken a pilates class before taking Ines's class for the first time at age 33. I'm not particularly flexible but I thought I was strong (I'd done soccer, weightlifting, bootcamp & CrossFit up until that time); however, pilates showed me just how weak my core was! By going regularly twice a week over several months, I really noticed a difference in my core strength and posture. I'm much more aware of how I sit and stand now. Ines carefully observes how you're doing in every class and offers corrections and ways to scale each exercise to make it easier or more difficult depending on your level. She knows just when to challenge you so that she brings out the best in you. She brings props to some classes to mix things up, and her positive encouragement and smiles make her classes feel warm and welcoming. Thanks to Ines, I'm now in love with pilates, and I honestly look forward to every class of hers! :)

Shawn (from the USA), South Korea

Seoul, April 2016

“I loved Ines’ pilates class. The workout is smooth yet so efficient. Ines is always mindful of our needs and suggests alternative moves if necessary. I definitely recommend her classes and I wish I could find an instructor this good back home. Thank you Ines!”

Virginie from Belgium

19. August 2015

I didn't know anything about pilates when I started 10 months ago. I think I just wanted to strengthen my core muscle and grow flexibility. For me, a flex muscle means a strong muscle. What I have learned from you is how to be aware of your body through proper posture. Once you are aware of body symmetry, it taught me how to move on a daily basis; I would sit more straight at computer and stand taller when I brush my teeth. I also like the fact that you never repeated the same routine in the class. Time always passed by fast.

Thank you again. Stephanie

SEOUL May 2015

“I very much enjoyed participating in Ines’ pilates class. Although I was one of several students, Ines paid attention to and gently corrected each student’s position. She made class very fun, and I can’t wait to attend her classes again (after I give birth)!”

Best wishes! Olivia (USA)

28. November 2014

Thank you Ines!

Thank you for being such a good Pilates Teacher through out the semester I have attended your class. Thank you for your warm and professional approach to everyone in your classroom. I'm more than happy to recommend you as a Pilates Teacher. I wish you all the best!

Kind regards
Anne-Karine Garstad, Norway


Seoul, 27. August 2014

It was a very happy surprise for me that I could meet you and had an honor to join your Pilates lessons during my stay in Seoul. I love to jog, but I used to have problems around my thigh especially in winter due to weak and stiff core muscles. However, in spite of having such a cold and long winter in Seoul, thank for your Pilates sessions, I've never had that pain again. I believe that your session was not only effective physically, but also so much enjoyable mentally. You and your lessons are greatly missed!!

Liza U., Japan

Seoul, 22. July 2014

While living in Seoul, I participated in the Pilates class offered by Ines. Not only is she an excellent Pilates instructor, she is a licensed physical therapist, which was very important to me since I had issues with my knee. She is very flexible and could adapt to injuries and different capabilities. Her calm manner and precise explanations made it easy to understand and perform the different moves. I highly recommend her!

Jennifer Anderson, (USA)

08. Feb. 2014 , Seoul

I have thoroughly enjoyed Ines’ Pilates classes. She has a great teaching style that makes it both enjoyable and informative. Her sessions are suitable for any age, as well as any level of ability. Her modified versions of certain moves that were beyond my physical limitations not only enabled me to move smoothly through each class, but they actually improved my impairment. I will sorely miss Ines and her expertise! Best,

Anne Parker USA

08. Jan. 2013 Ho Chi Minh City

Hi Ines,

....... I like to take the opportunity to thank you for introducing me to something that has come to be a natural part of my life, and which I will definitely continue. You are an excellent instructor and a true pedagogue and your knowledge and skills apparent. I will miss you soooo much!! Take care and good luck in Korea.

Lots of love, Annika ( from Sweden )


29. Jan. 2013 Ho Chi Minh City

Hallo Ines, ..... Wir werden unsere Stunden mit dir vermissen. Das war der einzige Sport, der mir Spass gemacht hat. Hoffe, es wird mit Sawano auch gut weitergehen. Alles Gute weiterhin und ich wuensche dir, dass du bald wieder eine so nette Gruppe unterrichten darfst, wie wir das waren:)

Viel Glueck Stefanie (from Germany)



It belongs to me to thank you a lot for your professionalism and your kindness. I appreciated a lot your aqua fitness classes and doubtless more still your Pilate classes. As I said to you last Monday, I discovered Pilate with you and it was a revelation to me. I love this sport. I cannot do without any more.

All the best, Bon Vent as we say in french, in Korea Laetitia (from France)


30. Jan. 2013 Ho Chi Minh City

Dearest Ines,

Good luck lovely lady. We will miss you. I am sure Sawano will be great but doubt I will have another pilates instructor as good as you. I have never been good at committing to regular exercise but I truly loved your classes.Good luck and have lots of fun on your next adventure.

Louise x (from U.K.)


31. Jan. 2013 Ho Chi Minh City

Dear Ines, .......

I am sorry that you are leaving. I have enjoyed your classes very much and think you are an excellent teacher. I will miss your classes very much. I wish you all the best.

Lots of love Lou xx (from USA)


Ms. Ines,

.......... But I want you to know that I feel so fortunate that you are my Pilates instructor. I learned so much from you. ........

Best regards, Lanel (from Philippine)






18. Feb. 2013 Ho Chi Minh City

Hello Ines,

...I would like to thank you for everything you have done for the community, I am sure you will be greatly missed !

Take care, Cécile (from France)